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oolan's Journal

Hari Krishnan Kadappa
3 October
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Here are the basic facts about me. I wasted all my money on wine, woman and song. The bottles have run dry, the women have left me, but the CDs still sound the same. Life would have sure sucked if I had bought tapes.

oops... wrong version. Now for the official one. I come from 'God's Own country' - Thirontharam, Kerala, India. I've been in this land of weekend sales and plastic smiles for well over nine years. As if four years of torture in CET wasn't enough, I came over to pursue a masters degree in Arizona State. After the requisite two years, I'm currently in New Jersey, designing and programming cell-phones for a major telecommunication firm. I've lived my life by the dictums 'Cynicism, sarcasm, orgasm" and "two out of three ain't bad".

I read, listen to music, watch movies, do crosswords, sleep a lot, play frisbee and reminisce with a twinge of nostalgia on the days I used to quiz.